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Joy Is A Verb

May 01, 2023

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  • Why Joy is a verb
  • Understanding your expectations
  • Outcome-based vs. Intention-based perspective
  • 3-step framework for more joy
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A lot of people go after big goals and dreams for the sake of the joy they’ll experience after they reach their goal…


But what if joy was a verb? What if it was something that you do and something you could feel whenever you want? Something that you could control right now?


That’s what we’re going to talk about today!


When I look at our Rewired office hour questions, I get a lot of people asking about how they can experience more happiness and joy. So I want you to ask yourself right now: What needs to happen for you to be happy and feel joy right now?


Typically, people will respond with I need such-and-such to happen. Or I need to hit my goals. 


But I want you to be honest with yourself. What are the moments when you actually experience joy? Is it only when things are going in alignment with your expectations? Or do you have the power to feel it whenever you want?


Can you guess the answer for when I ask what needs to happen for you to feel overwhelmed or anxious? Holy cow! The list goes on and on of the different things that could happen at any time that you don’t control to feel overwhelmed.


That’s because for most people, it’s very easy to feel negative emotions and very hard to feel good emotions.


The reason behind that is because most people think that the expectations they have in life, or the goals (also known as expectations) that they have in life, are going to cause them to feel a certain way. We only want goals for the feelings we think they’ll bring us.


For example, if I ask, why do you want to earn six figures this year? Most people might reasonably respond with, for peace of mind. Some may answer with something that’s not feeling based, like; I want to retire my spouse. That’s great… but what feelings would that bring you? What would earning a 6-figure income do for you?


People would say they’d experience freedom or joy.


My rebuttal? Who took those feelings from you in the first place?


No one. 


Those feelings are something that you can literally have whenever you want. Yet, people will set up rules or small beliefs that say when these conditions are met that's when I get to feel a certain way. The result of living by those rules and beliefs is that feelings of joy and happiness only happen in fleeting moments. 


I am under the belief that joy is a verb. It's something you do, and it happens by focusing on something different. 


But most people think joy is the outcome…


What if joy was the intention?


I'd like to give you a 3-step framework that I use to experience more joy on a daily basis whenever I want. It’s something you can use too! And it will allow you to feel more joy in the short term so you have the energy, momentum, creativity, and positivity to go and create those expectations that you can also feel joy from.


Think of the three things I’m about to share as a way to prime yourself with feelings that are more likely to get you to your big goals and dreams. Because let’s face it, positive emotions will get you to the place you want to be far faster than self-punishment and overwhelm.


This framework was originally taught to me by Sage Robbins (Tony Robbins wife).


Category of Joy #1: Oh joy!

This first category represents the recognition of the joy found in the little things you weren’t expecting. They put a smile on your face and give you a sense of rightness. 


If you can’t experience joy for the little things, why do you think you’re going to experience it with the big things? You won’t. You need to practice with the little stuff. It could be as simple as a note from your spouse. Or spying a deer outside. Put intention behind finding them every day, and you’ll feel joy more often.


Category of Joy #2: Hallelujah joy!

Quick disclaimer, the goal of this is not to be religious. The hallelujah represents a more significant feeling, one of a job well done. You’ve accomplished something that’s a bit more profound in nature and it feels so good. It also holds more space in your mind.


Something like paying off debt or having a healing conversation with someone you were adrift from. Attribute them as you like, but these joys are always something you can reflect on to re-experience that joy whenever you want. 


Category of Joy #3: Amen joy!

Again, this is not intended to be religious. Amen joy is recognizing the beauty in your life. It's seeing the magnificence of what's all around you. 


It’s looking at a loved one and feeling so appreciative they’re in your life. Or reflecting on how you were placed in a job you disliked, but it led you to finding your way to entrepreneurship. The more beauty and blessings you recognize, the more beauty and blessings tend to show up for you. It’s a truly powerful place to be.


When you practice these each day, you naturally focus on them more. Now think about what other emotions might come along with joy: gratitude, love, peace. They’re all the emotions you think will come at the end of a goal. When you pair that power with the visualization of a big dream or goal, guess what happens? A domino effect!


You feel more alive. When you feel more alive, you take more massive action. That massive action is what makes change in your life happen 10x faster. 


That’s the power of joy and why it’s a verb. 


I encourage you to look at joy this way too and use the framework to bring more of it into your life. Once you do, a whole new world is waiting for you on the other side!


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I hope you found value in today’s lesson and the power of joy! Remember you're only one insight away from a radically different life.


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