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5 Keys to Making Your Relationship Last Forever

Mar 23, 2018
Is your spouse not acting "up to par" with your expectations of them? 
You feel this need to mold them into your idea of what they should be, right? 

You voice your concerns about the things they're doing wrong to "help them" and make them "better" and it turns into "just another fight"...
You don’t get how they don't understand your needs. Or you bottle shit up until it explodes out of ya. Or you always disagree on non-important topics? 
YOU might be causing most of the fighting without realizing it. 

Janiece (my wife) and I fought for the first 2 years of our relationship. Then we broke up. We've been back together for almost 8 years... And the last 8 years, we haven’t had one single fight. 

I’m not some relationship expert, but I do have a really friggin amazing relationship. So, what changed? 
5 Keys to Making Your Relationship Last

✔️Instead of finding something WRONG that we were doing every day, we started to look for WHAT'S RIGHT. Catch them in the act of doing something GREAT instead of WRONG. 

✔️We say "I love you" EVERY chance we get. Not just a quick goodbye. A real, "I love you." 

✔️We release expectations of each other and we start APPRECIATING our differences. We became GRATEFUL for the quirks and the weird shit we used to fight about. 

✔️We’re vulnerable and authentic about our insecurities. And when little buttons from those insecurities are pushed, we make REQUESTS of each other. Not DEMANDS to each other. 
(Important note: requests give direction to how you’ll feel more love. Demands stop the flow of love and drive you apart.)

✔️We removed the "50/50" mindset. Your relationship should never be "If you do this, I'll do that"... that's asking your spouse to feel undervalued and dishonored... it should be "100/ HAVE FAITH" ... you give 100% of everything you are to them. Have faith they’ll give back. 

Try these 5 keys. I GUARANTEE YOU that your relationship will change. 

1.) Meaningful "I love you" 
2.) Find something they do RIGHT every day 
3.) APPRECIATE your differences. 
4.) 100% all in. Never 50/50. 
5.) Request, not demand. 

BONUS: "Trade your expectations of your spouse for appreciations in your spouse and your life changes INSTANTLY." - Tony Robbins

If you do, it will never end. It will always be real and passionate. You'll find LOVE every day. 

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