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New Year Momentum Starts In November

Nov 07, 2022

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  • Why 98% of the world slows down
  • Creating demand is your responsibility
  • Proving the “slow down” myth wrong
  • Capitalizing on the New Year
  • The ultimate business move: consistency 
  • Why the easiest time to stand out is NOW
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One of the BIGGEST myths that I see this time of the year is that things are "slow". Business is slow. Opportunities are slow. And that is absolutely false! If you want to gain momentum for the new year it has to start RIGHT NOW!

You really need to understand that people will always pay to have their problems solved. There is always a demand for solving their problems. It is your responsibility to create that demand for them. If you go into the fall season believing that things are slow then you are going to end up just like everybody else when spring comes along.

Everyone thinks that now is the time to slow down. And when I say everyone I mean most people. 98% of the world thinks that right now is when it is slow. I call this The Great Slow Down. Everyone just wants to take it easy, coast, enjoy the holidays with their family, and then pick it back up in the new year. Whether they believe it or not that is what tends to happen. 

So right around this time of year, most people drop off. They start slowing down on their dreams and goals instead of sprinting through to the finish line of the new year! They start rationalizing that they are exhausted and that they need a break. As the new year goes by you'll notice that it is harder to gain back that momentum.

There is a way to not only crush it in the fall but to slay your goals when the new year comes around! The only way to really do that is if you maintain consistency between now and the beginning of the year!

Let's say you're in business, think about it from a prospects perspective. They are going into this fall season with the same belief, "it's slower I am going to enjoy the time with my family right now." If we as the business owner or the person trying to help someone create change, slow down, and our prospect sees us slowing down and a lack of consistency, they will most likely move forward with someone that has decided to speed up, and kept their momentum going. 

There are people sitting and waiting for their life to change and waiting for an opportunity to take a leap of faith (typically that is found in a New Year's resolution). They are seeing the very few people that are staying consistent and sticking with it through the rest of this year. When the new year comes, guess who they are reaching out to? It won't be you if you slow down! It will not be you. They are going to reach out to the people that are speeding up!

Everyone says, "this is the slowest time in business." No. This is the easiest time in business you will ever have. Most people put the brakes on which means that the opportunity to stand out is easier now than ever before! If you speed up while everyone else is slowing down then all of a sudden you become one of those outstanding people that all of a sudden start to gain traction. 

Think about it like this, your success in January is dependent on your efforts right now!

I want you to imagine that you're riding a bike. You see a big hill coming up, the hill being a metaphor for November and December, and you start slowing down. You start slowing down because that hill seems scary, too much, like it will take a lot of effort. So you start slowing down on your bike. What happens when you get to the base of the hill? It is going to be very hard to get over it. You're going to have to get off a couple times and push. It will be a lot slower moving. 

Successful people look at it differently. They see the hill and look at it as a chance to speed up and get ahead. They start pedaling faster and faster so that when they get to the base of the hill they have momentum! With that momentum the hill is easier and they can just pedal up and over without having to get off to push or go slower up the hill.

By the time they get to the top of the hill they are already ahead of anyone that slowed down. Even though they started at the same time as everyone else. Now this successful person is over the top of the hill and coasting down the other side! By the time the people that slowed down reach the top, the successful person is going to be so much further along. 

This is what happens when you decide to speed up right now instead of slow down. This is what we are doing in our business. This is what I recommend everyone do in their health and fitness journey, personal goals, financial goals, and their business goals. Times when most people slow down, is when you speed up! 

There has been a principle that has driven the last ten years, look at what most people are doing and sprint the other way. Most people rationalize that this is the time to slow down and that this is a harder time, that throughout the network things are slower. I look at them and I do the opposite. It has led to amazing results in our life and in our business. 

There is a conflict that typically comes up when I bring this up. Most people say, "But I want to be present with my family around the holidays. I don't want to sacrifice all of this time away from them." YOU DON'T HAVE TO! It is one of the biggest myths of success. People think you have to work harder and sacrifice more to create success. That is not true! If that were true than anyone that sacrificed time would have success and that is clearly not the case.

This is about aligned action. About you standing out and maintaining your efforts now and through the end of the year. You CAN be present with your family around the holidays. How you do that is intentionally blocking your time. You see, what most people do is they say they "time block". They block an hour off on their calendar for their business, career or goals that they are focusing on, but within that hour they don't do anything meaningful. They don't work on the thing that actually creates success. 

If you want to crush it during this fall season, spend time with your family, kids and soak up all those memories we need to time block with intention. Ask yourself, "What are the results I want in January? What are the most important activities that I can do right now within this time that I have to create those results?" 

No matter which way you cut it, the efforts you put in now will determine your success in January. This is the easiest time in business you will ever have! Everything we are doing as a team is preparing and priming for January. There is so much going on behind the scenes that will allow us to see success at the new year and that will allow you to see success at the new year too. 

If you're starting to feel burnt out from the year, chances are the reason you're feeling burnt out is because your efforts haven't been aligned. They aren't coming from a place of love or contribution but a place of significance and certainty. We want to feel like our efforts actually matter so we rationalize that we are burned out and have low energy. Burn out is actually just a metaphor for my energy is low. 

Energy is something you can create on demand whenever you want, when you change your intention. If your intention with your efforts are selfish, or significance driven, or attention seeking behavior where you are saying, "Look at me! Look at all the hard work I'm putting in." If it is really about you and how you're seen or how you're judged then of course you are going to get burnt out. When you're focused on yourself you can't sustain success. But if your efforts are on serving, loving, helping, and seeing the contribution that you are going to give someone else, all of a sudden you are lit up with energy at the possibility of someone else changing their life. That is the antidote to burn out.

Contribution is your antidote. So if you have been living up until now saying, "I am just so tired I need a break." We need to set up a life you don't need an escape from. There is a reason why I go all year, every year feeling fully alive. Not saying that I don't take time to recharge my batteries, of course I do! I don't get to burn out in my business. And the reason I don't get to burn out in my business is because what I'm creating is done through the lens of, how can I serve other people? How can I light other people up? That's what I want to encourage for you too. 

So, throughout the rest of this year, building to January, if you want to stand out in January and be the person that everyone goes to. When everyone else is trying to start back up again, you will be so much further along on that hill and down the other side. You'll become the go-to person that people want to reach out to, to help them with whatever their goals are. You will become that go-to person in your family that is inspiring and moving. That only happens when you start now. 

The new year's momentum starts in November! When everyone else lets off the gas, that is when you speed up. That is when you become the exception! You look at what everyone is doing and you sprint the other way. Most people around you will look at you like this is crazy. They will look at you like aren't you tired? Don't you just want to chill right now? And that is what most people will do. But most people don't have results! 

Most people are broke, overwhelmed, and overweight. So you can take a look at what most people are doing and fall into that peer pressure or you can look at the people that have what you want. When you look at the people you want, they are speeding up right now. They are thinking, "how can we prime and move towards January?"

Stephen Covey says, "Begin with the end in mind."

So let's begin with the end in mind! What is the objective you have for January? If the objective you have for January is explosive growth, then who do you need to be now so that it happens? 

 If you're struggling with that. If you're having a hard time finding that drive, that motivation, that hunger. Chances are you are going after success through the wrong lens. You probably have an idea of what needs to change or you know exactly what needs to change. But you're having a hard time taking action, or maybe you're not clear on it, or nothing seems like it's enough.

If that's you it might be the archetype that you're trying to approach success with. So what I want to challenge you to do to get your starting point to see where you are on this journey, is to take the What's Your Unique Success Archetype Quiz. It is a free 60 second quiz that will show you the lens that you're trying to create success through, how you are viewing success, your beliefs about success and how that could be limiting you. 

If what I am talking about today seems like, yeah that makes sense but how do I actually do it? How do I motivate myself? How do I get myself to take action? You will find that answer and why it has been hard to do that in the quiz results.   


Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?



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