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The Only Thing That Will Make Or Break Your 2019 Goals!

Dec 19, 2018
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Persistence. That's it. But it's different than you think.

I went through a period where I wanted "success" so bad. I wanted the money, time, freedom and every single time I tried, it felt like nothing was working and I didn't understand why. I was doing everything that I was supposed to be doing. I was just stuck.

When's the last time you've actually set a huge goal?

Not a realistic goal. A BIG, SCARY goal?

Fun fact: If you set a bigger goal, you play life on a higher level and will achieve WAY more than if you were to establish a small, realistic target (even if you fail).

  • Most people will think you're crazy.
  • Most people won't believe you can do this.

Most of the world doesn't have what they want. They don't have your big goal. SO DON'T LISTEN TO THEM.

Most of the world isn't happy, isn't fulfilled, and is just getting by! They're living status quo lives. Why seek validation from that group of people?

Look at where most of the world is going and sprint the other way!

But you're not being "realistic," right?

Realism is the fastest traveled road to mediocrity. Realists are right most of the time. So they don't even try the "unrealistic" thing. Optimists try it, fail at it, and keep working until they get what they want. That's why realists mostly live ordinary lives.

I challenge you to be optimistic through all of 2019.

Chill, dude. You don't need to be successful NOW.

If your happiness is dependent on hitting a goal by a specific date, you're screwed. Because sometimes it doesn't happen. And even if it does happen, it won't feel like enough for you.

Give yourself a break and realize that it's going to be okay either way. Let go of your "deadline" on success.

Do you even realize how many productive years you have left?

You're a productive human from age 22 to 75. (Basically from the time you stop being a college asshole until medical challenges take over).

53 productive years.

You're probably around 30 years old. Cool! That means you've used 8 productive years and have 45 freaking years of productivity left. CHILL.

If you're 40, you've used 18 years and have 35 left! CHILL. 

If you're 50, you've used 28 years and have 25 left! CHILL.

Think of how much you've accomplished in the last 5 years! I think you're gonna be okay, homie!

So chill. Have patience and persistence.

How To Short Cut Your Dreams

Tony Robbins taught me something called an RPM plan. That's a "Results focused, purpose-driven, massive action plan." Let me explain.

1.) Results Focused:

A lot of times, you make big to-do lists, and you still don't feel fulfilled even when you complete everything on it. You're focused on what you need to DO instead of what you want to BECOME.

You need to pick the result you're going for FIRST.

Because when you ask what you want, it's WAY more motivating than saying "What do I need to do?".

So step 1: What is the outcome you are looking for?

2.) Purpose Driven:

Why do you want that outcome? What's the deep emotional reason behind it? If you're ever going to persist through all the challenges, you need a reason. Reasons come first. Answers come second. What deep, emotional "WHY" will uplift you when things go downhill?

3.) Massive Action Plan:

Your next step is to braindump EVERY possible action that could get you closer to your goal. Just let your brain run wild. Once you have the outcome and reasons, this should flow out of you pretty quickly. After you write out your list, pick the top 20% most impactful items that will guide you toward the result and then prioritize them!

Most Things You Try Won't Work

If you fail (guaranteed), realize it's part of success. Try something else. It's really that simple. And if you try something else and it doesn't work, what do you do? Try something else. And if THAT doesn't work, what do you do? Try something else!

Keep trying something else until you get the result you're after. Keep your vision the same and be flexible in your approach!

Make a real decision that you're going to stick with it until you achieve. Not a BS decision. You're not saying, "I'm gonna sign up to try until things get uncomfortable." A REAL DECISION.

Realize if you fail, it's only feedback. YOU are not a failure. You just did something wrong. So listen to the lesson life gives instead of hating the lesson life gives you. You failed at something. Failure is only feedback.

Something really cool will happen to your life when you do this:

Instead of shrinking your dreams to the size of your current life, you'll build your income to the size of your dreams.

  • Stick with it through the naysayers. Don't listen to average people.
  • Be patient in your approach. You've got time.
  • Persist through the failure. Your failures are actually helping you.

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