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3 Safeguards To Protect You From Negative People

Jul 06, 2018

Just received a "woe is me" text from someone in my family. Ever get those?

It made me think of the safeguards I've put up over the years to protect my mind and keep me positive. Is it cool if I share with you? 

1.) Limit your exposure

I have people in my life that I love deeply, but I HAVE TO limit my exposure. They just DRAIN me with all their constant focus on "what's wrong" or "listen to my problems." 

You can still LOVE negative people in your life, but be selective in how you spend your time. You should NEVER feel guilty for making yourself happier. Just know that you can still LOVE your family, but you should PICK your peer group. 

2.) Ask new people "How's your day going?"

This is my INSTANT telltale sign if someone's worth getting to know better. If they say, "I'm doing great!" (or something positive) they'll likely BRING energy into your life. 

But if they always say, "Oh I'm okay..." or "eh, I'm been better," they're likely going to DRAIN you. Avoid people who consistently respond with, "I'm okay..." 

Obviously, give em a few chances. But you get the point!

In fact, if you always respond to this question with the way you WANT to feel, even if you're having a challenging day, you'll make other people happy! That's why I'll always say, "I'm fantastic!" I learned that when I do that, I start to feel fantastic. And it lifts other people higher!

3.) Filter incoming advice. 

Don't take:

  • money advice from broke parents. 
  • marriage advice from ppl in an unhappy relationship. 
  • business advice from part-time or standard 9-5 workers.

Do take:

  • money advice from wealthy & happy people. 
  • marriage advice from a couple with passion & love. 
  • business advice from a successful business owner!

Typically when negative people give you advice, it's NOT going to help you grow. To be honest, they're probably NOT trying to hurt you. They're trying to protect you from experiencing the same pain they feel because of their lack of fulfillment. You CAN'T let that bring you down! 

Even though their intention is solid, still not a good idea.

"Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group." - Tony Robbins.

Be smart about yours.

Talk soon! 

Brad Bizjack

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