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Rocket Fuel For Your Dreams

Feb 14, 2022

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  • Channeling your inner frog
  • Explode into the life you want
  • Why immersion saves time and money
  • Prioritizing immersion in your calendar 
  • Tight on time and cash? No worries, I’ve got your back!
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If you put a frog in boiling water, he's going to jump out right away... but if you put a frog in cold water and gradually heat it up, the frog will boil to death.

Today we are putting you in boiling water so you LEAP towards your success!

Let's talk about the ROCKET FUEL for your big dreams & goals!

How do you best learn a language? Taking a class or using an app for a few month? NOPE. 

TOTAL IMMERSION. The best way to learn a language is to go to the country itself and be fully  immersed in the culture and speaking the language daily.

If we apply this timeless concept to our life, we will explode with success and be able to build the life we truly want.

Most people go day to day reading books and taking classes to retain knowledge, without actual immersion. They think the world and economy are still coming down on them... It's like putting that frog in cold water and heating it up slowly eventually boiling it to death.

Ongoing education is great and necessary, but total immersion in actual events are the true springboard for more energy, more excitement, you're able to crystalize your vision more than ever before, and you take off towards what you want more than ever before.


 You have a clear path of where you're going.

Most people use the excuse that they don't have the time or the money to attend these events, but what ends up happening is they read these books and never fully immerse themselves in a new way of thinking!

We have this need to adapt to whatever is happening around us.

If you are reading all these great concepts & ideas, but aren't surrounded by a community of people or people in general that understand the same things you are learning, when you share this knowledge people are going to look at you like you're crazy!

This is because it's not a culture of growth in whatever area you're learning and developing. So when they share their opinions with you, it creates doubt in yourself and keeps you from putting in your full effort towards your goal.

Now if I go to a LIVE event centered around the area of focus I am trying to evolve and create momentum in, I am met with a huge community full of people sharing ideas, strategies, and support with me around my business goals and dreams.

Now we can't live in total immersion, otherwise we would never have time to take action and implement. That's why when the energy starts to dwindle down you put yourself back in another immersive experience. 

This is what causes you to continue to make these massive quantum leaps in your life and/or business!

This is the piece that most people miss - they read the books, do personal development, and meditate (which are all great things to be doing), but they don't immerse themselves in an environment for growth.

What you need is an IMMERSION event!

 Especially right now... something that will blast you into the future and put total focus and intentionality into your topic and/or field of expertise. The thing that is going to make you feel alive

It doesn't even have to be business! It could be things like marriage or parenting or whatever, too!

I tend to schedule various types of immersion events for every couple months. 

So my life when it comes to business, looks a lot like this:


It's not always on the same topics, sometimes they are different. It allows me to focus on the topic in my life that is going to move me forward.

Most people say they cannot afford the time or money to experience these events so they try to learn it themselves and sometimes that can take YEARS.

Total immersion events shrink decades into days.

What if I could provide you with a total immersion experience? 

Something that would be like rocket fuel for your success... where you are completely immersed in a community of thousands of people who all want the same thing...


This experience will show you how to achieve your success 10x faster without working harder and will skyrocket your beliefs in what's possible.

This experience will help you to say NO to the things that aren't serving you and create more energy on a daily basis. It will help you let go of perfection and allow you to feel fulfilled BEFORE you even achieve your goals and get to your biggest dreams.

What if this total immersion experience was FREE, so the money concern wasn't an issue AND you could do it for 25 minutes a day from the privacy of your own home?

I am giving you the opportunity right now to enroll in a program for FREE that has served over 10,000 people in the past year and has changed people's lives forever in the area of mindset + personal development to show you how to succeed faster than ever before.

The Success Accelerator is a completely free 10 Day Mindset Challenge that will show you how high performers achieve their goals so much faster than all their peers with so much less stress and without adding more to their plate.

How is it that some people seem to effortlessly success without all these huge challenges that come their way all the time, yet some people stay stuck for years?

I will show you the mindset that will catapult you towards what you really want into the land of limitless possibility.

It is a game-changer. 

 Last year alone, this program helped 12,000 people from all across the world. Their businesses exploded, they healed their relationships, got in the best shape of their lives, and it changed their future forever.

YOU can do the same thing too.



It takes a blast off event.

It takes The Success Accelerator.

10 days. 10 Challenges. Completely free.






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