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Say Goodbye to This Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

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  • Goodbye “The Path to Mindset Mastery”
  • Hello “The Rewire Your Mind Podcast”
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After putting out some 250 episodes of The Path to Mindset Mastery, we are officially closing the doors to this wonderful chapter of life…


But as one door closes, another opens: The Rewire Your Mind podcast 


As we grow, we evolve, and this podcast is no different. (Hence, the rebranding)


I’m committed to bringing you the most value when it comes to rewiring your mind for success and to do that a change was necessary. That’s why The Rewire Your Mind podcast is going to bring in a wider variety of perspectives when it comes to the mindset of success. Because mine alone just doesn’t do the topic justice anymore, and more perspectives means more ah-ha moments for you. 


Stay tuned for the magic that’s to come—you won’t want to miss it!


What's your unique success archetype? Take the quiz to find out now! 



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