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Significant Changes Are NOT Difficult Or Time Consuming

May 16, 2022

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  • The biggest assumption about true change
  • The power of one moment shifts
  • A case study of choices and acceptance
  • The 3 mistakes holding you back from success
  • Adopting a new identity
  • Reprograming your subconscious for success
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Change happens in an instant.

It does not take a long time to change your life.

It takes a single moment when something shifts in your brain, when you say “yes, I'm in” or “no, I'm done”.

There's a single moment when you’ve rewired your mind to change your life

One of the biggest mistakes that I see is the assumption that it will take a very long time to change. Like, it’s like it's going to take forever to change my finances or it's going to take forever to change my life.

If I take a look at my life and I start to think about when my finances started to change, it was when I stopped looking at them from a place of hopeless doom (like this would take forever). It was when I started setting insane goal that got me excited about actually changing. 

And people say well it took me ten years to lose the weight. No. you decided in a moment to shift your identity. There was a moment when you said “I'm doing this”When change actually happened.

All that followed from there was a different set of actions, and beliefs, and momentum from that new identity. 

In that moment, what happened? You shifted, you rewired.

There was no going back.

You made a decision.

And ever since then life has never been the same 

I want you to start to think about moments in your life where you just made the decision to change. When you said “no more” or “I'm going to be in this relationship” or “yes, I'm losing that weight” or “I must do this” or “I'm diving into this” “I'm saying yes to this”. 

When you take a look at one of the greatest changes you've ever made, what caused that?  Was it a lot of dedication over time in terms of your actions. Sure.

But what was the single moment where you actually changed?

There was a single moment when you look back and you say, what was the thing that did it?

You can say, well I tried and I failed, I tried and I failed, and I tried and I failed, and then I shifted.

But it was still just one moment.

In those other previous moments, maybe you didn't quite decide to change or you didn't shift what was going on in your head to actually shift. But there was one moment, when you said I'm going to make this change.

And so I see all the time as a big mistake is people thinking that it takes time to rewire your mind and change how your default subconscious operating system works. It’s actually an incredibly simple process that anyone can do it.

Take a look at some of my favorite success stories from our programs. All of these changes happen in a moment.

Look at my friend Jen. Jen was going through and trying to force success in this place of feeling like she wasn't enough and trying to succeed but it wasn't happening. And having these frustrations and this anger and doubt in her mind. Then one day she made a choice: I'm going to be happy and live in a beautiful state no matter what happens. And I've known Jen before that and after that, and ever since then she's been authentically bubbly and happy and has radically changed her life after going through really challenging times in her life.

And look our client Jenelle, who once she shifted and made the decision to love herself, all of a sudden her entire career changed.

Or Dawn Smith, she was in an abusive relationship for years but the moment she decided to have confidence, the moment she decided “I am confident” and she rewired her mind, all of a sudden, she found her purpose. What set her soul on fire. She created a course to help other women of domestic abuse. 

So many countless stories of that, where change happened in a moment.

There was all this effort in trying and going after it and trying to figure it out for years and years and years, until something clicked. Until that one moment happened where your mind was rewired. 

All of a sudden, you adopted a new identity, a new way of being, a new way of labeling yourself.

Have you ever joined a career? And in that moment when you joined a career, you had a new identity, and ever since you started with that new identity, different actions, different beliefs, everything flowed from that. Everything changed

When you made one simple decision.

What gets in the way? What stops us from wanting to rewire our mind? If it really is that simple, that it happens in instant, what stops us from actually getting to that place where change can happen? 

People say it takes years and years and years to create change, but it takes a moment to create change. 

What happens over those years, is that we’re likely making one or more of these three mistakes:

  1. The first mistake is that your vision of your dreams is likely too small. If you don't have a compelling vision of what could be in the future, you will automatically focus on the problems of the present. Most people set their dreams based on something they currently think is realistic or possible or based on past failures. And if you do that, then what ends up happening is you just create more of the same and your situation just gets worse. When you learn how to rewire your mind to focus on what you want, a grand vision, a beautiful vision of the future, magic starts happening and you start to feel pull, and you start to think in different ways, and you start to change your identity.
  2. The second thing that stops people, is being dishonest with themselves about where they’re actually at. Most people will have circumstance occur for them in their lives, where they can learn something and grow. But instead, they’re making those situations wrong. They’re saying “I shouldn't be in this place in my business”, “it's so much harder for me”, “I'm worse off than I thought”. And they start to create stories which makes them feel way further back than they really are. When you feel like you don't have anything compelling to fight for or you feel further back then you really are, changing your life seems really hard. It doesn’t seems to happen fast, it seems like it takes forever to change your life.
  3. The third mistake that stops us is being wired for attachment. Meaning, not enjoying the ride, saying I am my results, I will feel some way when I get to somewhere, when I get to a goal. My dream is at the top of that mountain and I can't be happy until I get there. 

Those three things will stop you from changing your life.

It will stop you from even being able to rewire your mind because you have nothing exciting to pull you. You have no honesty about your existing situation, you’re making up lies and inflating how bad it really is.  And you’re not actually seeing life as happening for you, you’re seeing life as happening to you. And you’re saying I can't be happy until.

These things will stop you from ever wanting to make that instant change. Change happens in a moment but can you see how if you're not excited about changing your life, having a vision, you're not going to want to change your life. 

If you’re making up stories about where you’re currently at,  making it worse than it really is, do you see how rewiring your mind seems super impossible?

So you’ll try the same things over and over again and it won't shift, so you start to make up these stories that it’s going to take forever to change.

Or if you think that being at the goal is going to make everything possible that you want, then  you're focusing on the effect, the outcome. And when you focus on your work being attached to the outcome, you forget the cause. And the cause is your worth, how you feel, how you live. That’s what’s going to cause the outcome.

So if you feel like your worth is this moving target, then changing your life seems impossible. It seems like it can only happen when you shift, when you create that goal. Those 3 things will get in the way of change happening in an instant.

But when you let these go, change can happen right now. There's a new identity that you're ready to breakthrough, a new version of you that can come alive and feel totally ready to take on even the biggest changes. 

If I think back to the greatest changes I made in my life, whether it’s financial or physical, it all happened in an instant. If I take a look back at each one it’s because I had this crazy compelling dream of what I really wanted, I was honest about my starting point, and I was practicing being fulfilled before I got there. 

When I did that, I started to adopt a new identity, and when I adopted a new identity, I shifted. Everything changed.

And that's what I'm excited to teach you. I'm excited to teach you how to make change happen in an instant. Just a couple steps! It’s so simple to do.

I have a program releasing this Fall to show you exactly how to rewire your mind. The problems, if you are facing taking effort, it feels forced, you're craving that's certainty of wanting to know how, or you're trying to avoid failure, or nothing you do feels like enough, or you go from to-do list to to-do list being stressed, like your worth is attached to an outcome, having terrible boundaries and still trying to succeed and be filled from that place, you're not going to get there.

How can you ever expect success to happen if you’re wired for failure?

I'm creating a program to show you exactly how to do this, exactly how to reprogram your subconscious mind so your breakthrough year. So you can create success fast. So you can feel fully alive and confident before you ever get there.

I want to make sure that this is custom built for you, custom built based on your exactly situation. The thing that you are facing in your life right now. So I created a quick 5 question survey, takes only 5 minutes, it’s a totally anonymous survey that will help me custom build this program for exactly what you need right now. For exactly what problems you are going through. 


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