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Oct 11, 2022

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  • Taking stock of your inner stories
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  • How to deal with Stage-5 Clingers (the right way)
  • The importance of immersing yourself in an environment of change
  • Rewiring your mind for 6-figure success
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One of the greatest challenges that aspiring six-figure high performers have is that there’s a sneaky little inner voice that seems to stop them – every time they take two steps toward success, then they take three steps back.

The inner voice that holds you back may be telling you, you should be further along or you should be making more money than you are.

It may say you’ll be happy when you get that job, when your spouse supports you, or when you make more money.

It may be comparing you to someone else and telling you all the reasons why it’s easier for them and harder for you.

It may tell you everything needs to be perfect or it’ll all fall apart, or that you don’t have the confidence to succeed at the levels you want. It may be telling you to set safe goals based on past failures.

These are all limiting stories that we tell ourselves.

What most people do when confronting this inner voice is they say it’s wrong, they shouldn’t have those limiting stories.

But when they do that, they’re creating stories about their stories.

It’s like being anxious that you’re anxious.

These stories are your ego trying to protect you and by saying they’re wrong, you’re just going to make the ego voice louder.

We have to be willing to accept the little voice instead of rejecting it because whatever you resist persists.

So if you are resisting this ego voice, then all it's doing is causing it to come around more, making it harder to break through the limiting stories it’s telling you.

When you create stories about your stories, that’s when the voice gets louder.

But when you take a look at these stories, and you don't make them wrong or resist them, you just realize there's something you have to break through, you understand it's part of the game, then, all of a sudden, it's not wrong to have those stories playing in your head.

The stories are just your ego trying to keep in a safe place, your comfort zone.

You have to make a choice.

You can either leave your comfort zone and put yourself out there.

Or you can stay in your shell that doesn’t allow you to expand.

You’ll feel the dull ache of regret and know you’re meant for more but you don’t take that leap of faith.

You’ll get bombarded with new techniques and strategies that seem to work for everyone else and you’ll take action but it’ll be inconsistent.

What you need to understand is how to get that voice to quiet down.

You need to be immersed in an environment where you can actually create this change and rewire your brain for six-figure success.

You need to accept these limitations as a sneaky inner voice, not make it wrong, and simultaneously get ahead.

You need to learn how to reverse these voices and actually create an empowering story that plays on the inside.

It all comes down to our beliefs – what you believe about life, money, business, your career, and yourself.

Your life is a reflection of the stories you tell yourself habitually.

You have to recondition these stories so that the stories you’re telling yourself habitually are automatically empowering.

If your mind is not yet wired for six-figure success, if it’s wired for mediocrity, you’ll just end up going back to that toxic, limiting inner voice.

No action you take will lead to success because you’re going back to those limiting stories.

That’s why I created the Six Figure School.

This Friday, October 14th, we have a free 90-minute masterclass called Six Figure School.

If you missed the five-day challenge or if you want to go deeper into that content, this class will show you how to transform your mind and rewire it for six-figure success.

You're going to learn the number one success hack to quickly increase your income.

You're going to learn your unique success archetype and unlock how it might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

You're going to learn why personal development might actually be decreasing your income and what to do about it.

You're going to learn how to increase your confidence on demand so that whenever those stories show up, you know instantly how to handle them.

You’re going to become recession-proof regardless of what’s going on in the economy.

You will unlock the sixth step to rewire your mind.

It will change your life forever.

For your life to change, your stories need to change.

We need to train you to rewire your mind for six-figure success so that you automatically are telling yourself stories that are empowering.


Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?



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