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The 6 Roadblocks Preventing Abundance & Success

Feb 12, 2024

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  • A go-to Plant & Pot metaphor
  • Understanding the six most common perfectionist life views
  • The unexpected harm of trying to “escape” crazy loops
  • Why what you crave isn’t what you really want
  • Are you dipping your toes in the water?
  • The flipside of attachment
  • The state you can’t create from
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Calling all worried perfectionists trying to achieve success but are stressed out on a regular basis! If you’re spinning your wheels trying to create success, but it’s not happening for you (and is for everyone else): it’s not your fault. 

Worry and stress never solved a single problem in life. All it does is repel success. In today’s lesson, I’ll help you identify the six most common perfectionist states so that after this lesson you can go on to break through them… but first, a quick metaphor!

The plant (aka your success) can only grow to the size and strength of the pot (aka your mindset) that holds it. 

Most people want to plant a massive tree, yet they’re trying to plant it in a small pot. In essence, they’re trying to create success from the mindset that created their existing failures, which is why it never changes. 

Now onto the six most common perfectionist states and life views. As we go through them, ask yourself which best describes you. At the end of the lesson, I’ll give you a tool to help begin your journey to break through it.


Life View #1: Crazy Loop

Within this life view, you live in a state of two emotions consistently: perfection and guilt or anger and sadness. This state is hell on the nervous system, because whenever you live in a state of perfection or anger for a long time, your body “shuts down” to interrupt the pattern and state you’re living in. It prompts you to escape… into a limiting behavior (e.g., binge eating, endlessly scrolling, drinking, etc.)

But what follows that break in pattern? For perfection it is guilt, and anger profound sadness. Both of which prompt you right back into the state of perfection or anger you started in, in a crazy endless loop. In this state you feel stuck

You can’t find lasting success from this state or expect abundance in your life. Guilt and sadness are not an expression of love, they’re an expression of punishment.


Life View #2: Craving How

Do you consistently crave guarantees, hyper focus on the how, or need to know things will work out before you start? This state prompts another shut down, because when you crave the how (maybe even obsess over it), you never let yourself expand and reach your dream. 

Everything around you constricts. You become a prisoner, stuck in the same place all for the sake of your need for a sense of control. But success in life is completely dependent on your ability to handle the uncertainty you avoid. The only thing guaranteed in life is change, and the only thing you are in control of is your emotional state. If you consistently crave the how, you’ll live in perfection, and it will drive you back to the Crazy Loop state. 


Life View #3: Avoid Failure

Here, your big dream is in sight, but if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re only doing some actions to achieve it. To be more precise, you’re tiptoeing around the edges of your dream. You’re afraid to go all in because of a fear of judgment, rejection, or an ability to lead or succeed. 

This is what most people do on the path to their dreams when they’re living in a status quo life. They only dip their toes in the water rather than going all in. But all this leads to is a life of constant comparison, which supports a narrative of, “Everyone has it easier than you.” Except that’s not true. 

When you avoid failure, you’re playing life not to lose instead of playing life to win


Life View #4: Tying Your Worth to an Outcome

In this state, simply put: Nothing ever feels like it’s enough for you. 

You’ll bounce from goal to goal, and peak to peak. You’ll write things on your to do list that you’ve already done just to check them off. You do this because your worth is based on what you achieve. In other words, this is called attachment. 

Here you crave worthiness, bounce from goal to goal trying to find fulfillment but it feels like it constantly evades you. It’s very easy to become burnt out in this state and resent the very vehicle that was supposed to be your key to freedom in the first place. If you don’t let it go, you’ll stay in the exact same spot. 


Life View #5: Fear of Slowing Down

This view plays off of #4. You’re afraid if you slow down, success will disappear. This fear arises because you are once more attached to your goal. 

You are highly susceptible to burn out in this state. You’re constantly ‘on’, afraid to take breaks even for a minute. All you can think about is success. But you can’t create from a place of exhaustion and expect to grow, because the degree in which you are able to be present—which you’re not in this state—is the degree in which you are able to succeed. If you’re afraid to stop, you’ll become resentful and exhausted. 

And if you do manage to achieve something? You’re constantly worried it will fall apart, so you still don’t stop. It’s a no-win scenario.


Life View #6: Out of Alignment

In this final state, guilt and presence plays a huge factor in your life. It starts with a lack of feeling present or being able to feel present which seeds guilt. This guilt is constant, because no matter what you do, you’ll feel guilty.

You’ll feel guilt when you’re working because you know you aren’t being present with the people you love most, but you’ll also feel guilt when you’re with those same people because you’re not at the level of success you desire. It’s a different kind of crazy loop that haunts you.


If you’re anything like our Rewired Clients, you’re likely dealing with one or many of these. If you are, you need to ask yourself, “How will these views ever lead me to success?”

How can you ever expect to succeed if your mind is wired for perfection or guilt? How can you ever expect to thrive if you're constantly trying to avoid failure? How can you ever expect success if nothing feels like enough?

All of these predicaments are being caused by living in a state of perfection or in a state of stress/worry. If any of these six “kinks” are in your pot, then success is never gonna happen in the way that you want, but…


Very soon, I have something coming that is going to reverse these states for you forever.


Stay tuned because next week I’m going to announce what it is—and considering it’s transformed the lives of tens of thousands of lives from all over the world, you don’t want to miss it! It’s a special challenge that only comes around a couple of times a year, and it’s going to be coming sooner than you think.


It will help you identify what’s holding you back and give you the tools to start breaking through! 


Thank you so much for taking the time to tune in today. Remember, the size of your plant (success) is 100% dependent on the size and strength of the pot (your mindset) that holds it. To grow you need to break free from the six perfectionist states holding you back.


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