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Your 5-Year Dream Will Become Reality If You Do This Differently

May 15, 2019

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  • Discover the 3 decisions you're making on a second to second basis that determine your future. 
  • How long will it take you to become successful? As long as you want it to take. This training shows you how. 
  • If anyone has more success than you in any area of life, they are making 3 decisions differently than you. 
  • The power to decide is one of the strongest powers you own. 
  • Complaining about anything means that you could do something about your circumstances but you're too afraid to. 
  • Watch the video for the full training! 
  • If you struggle with seeing other people having more success than you, this training is a must watch! 
  • If you feel like you "should be" further along your journey than you are now, this training is a must watch! 

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Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker and creator of Appreciation Academy and I’m on a mission to help online business owners break through all the negative self-talk holding them back from their dreams and actually see the success they deserve. And as we start today, I have a question:

Are you today where you thought you’d be 5 years ago? And if not, you’re about to find out why. Because 5 years from now, you’re going to arrive. The question is: where will you arrive? Will you wake up having the same bad day or will you create something incredible with your future over the next 5 years. This podcast episode will show you the number 1 thing that determines if you’ll end up there or not.

Isn’t it frustrating? You have big dreams and big goals and you know you’re meant for so much more than mediocrity but for some reason you find yourself spinning your wheels year after year, and you don’t understand why. All the pieces of training you consume seem to work for everyone else. Some days you get super motivated and crush it, and other days you can’t get off the couch. You have all the tools you need to change your life, but for some reason, at the moment, you don’t even care. But you care so much at the same time. You see your laptop staring at you, begging you to change your life but even if you open up your computer to send those messages, you don’t always do it. And it’s frustrating because you’re face to face with mediocrity when you know you’re meant for greatness.

I faced the exact same thing. It hurt. It sucked. And it was so frustrating. Each year, I set massive goals. I wanted to walk across that stage. I wanted to pay off my student loan debt. I wanted to be able to afford that engagement ring. But every year, the same inner conflicts held me back. I wanted to help a ton of people, but I had an internal conflict telling me I wasn’t enough. I wanted to earn a lot of money, but I had inner conflict telling me that money equaled pain. Eventually, I just stopped setting goals because I knew I wasn’t going to hit them. So I just coasted through life barely getting by. There was always too much month at the end of the money. All the people that told me I couldn’t do it were right. I felt a calling for more, but I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back.

And one day, I over-drafted my bank account (again), and something clicked in me. I just said enough is enough. I was so sick of pretending. I was so sick of living in mediocrity. So I went on a mission to figure it out. It took me a few years, but I finally figured out what was stopping me. It was so much simpler than I ever would’ve thought and looking back now, it definitely didn’t need to take me half a decade. I’m not here to talk about how I did that today. All that info, and the step-by-step process of how I changed my life (on a deep, emotional level that reversed my limiting beliefs), can be found in my online course, Appreciation Academy (and if you type in the promo code, PODCAST in all caps, you’ll get 50% off that course.

But today, I’m going to summarize one overall concept that overarches all of it. Without this concept, everything you’ll learn in Appreciation Academy won’t matter.

So I ask that question “Are you today where you thought you’d be 5 years ago?” for a reason.

Because everything that’s happened in your life, both what you love and are excited about, and are challenged by, began with a decision.

That’s what this podcast is about. Today is about the power of decisions. And this podcast is inspired by 2 of my mentors Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard.

In fact, one of my favorite quotes of all time is “It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” That’s a Tony Robbins quote because it’s so true.

Where you are right now and where you’ll end up is all due to your decisions.

Think about it. The relationship you’re in is a decision. The way you conduct yourself in that relationship is a decision. The money you decide to keep or spend is a decision. The job you have is a decision.

And those are often things you complain about, right? Job, money, spouse, etc.? But if you’re complaining about anything, all it means is that you could do something about it, but you’re afraid to.

If you’re in a toxic relationship, but you don’t change it or end it, but you complain about it, could you do something? Yep! But you don’t because you don’t want to be alone.

If you’re broke, but you don’t find a way to increase your income or keep more of your income, and you complain about how you’re broke, could you do something? Yep! But you don’t because the pain of failure in building your business is bigger.

I could go on and on, but the point is that if you complain about anything in your life, it’s simply a decision that you’ve made not to change it.

Settling for the job you’re in when you don’t want to be there, is a decision you’re making. And you don’t do anything about it because you’re afraid of losing benefits, losing “guaranteed” pay, getting crap from your parents for not being safe, and because societal norms tell you not to. It’s still a decision!

In fact, if you don’t make a decision about something in your life, you’re deciding not to decide. You’re already making a decision to let your environment control you and your emotions instead of taking control of your feelings.

So if you want your life to really change, you need to make new decisions. And I’ll show you how to do that in a moment. But first, you must understand the difference between stating a preference and a real decision.

Most people don’t make decisions. They state preferences. I’d like to lose weight is a preference. I’d like to advance in rank is a preference. I’d like to pay off my student loan debt is a preference. It means you’re interested in it, but you’re not committed to it!

Stating preferences is like making a wish. It does nothing.

If you don’t set a standard for what you’ll accept in your life, you’ll slip into a crappy quality of life that’s far less than you deserve. In fact, right now, you’re getting the exact benefits as the standards you set for yourself.

You’re making the exact amount of money you must make, and not a penny more.
You’re in the type of relationship you must be in, and not an ounce better.
Your business is at the level it must be at, and not a fraction bigger.

It’s all based on your standards. So if you want a better life, raise your standards. And you might be saying, “but Brad my business is based on other’s people’s decisions.” That’s partially true. But if you have higher standards, what type of action do you take? What kind of people do you invite? What type of leadership do you instill? You don’t need to know how to do it. When you decide to, the how will reveal itself. It will.

Everything changes when you raise your standards.

So you need to decide to raise your standards. Your decisions are the source of insane amounts of power in your life and the source of your problems. Most people think deciding means signing up to try until things get hard. Nope. A decision is cutting off any other possibility. Stop stating preferences and start making decisions.

Like seriously, what could you do with your life if you decided to?

And here’s the thing. You probably know this logically, right? You know that you need to raise your standards. You know all these personal development concepts. And that’s my job as a coach – to remind you of some things you already know and to bring some new ways of thinking into your life.

And the truth is that it doesn’t matter what you know! Information is only power if it’s acted upon. Knowledge is not power. It’s only potential power.

So how do you know if you’ve made a real decision? Simple: Action flows from it. If consistent action flows from a decision you’ve made, that’s how you know it’s actually a decision instead of a wish.

In fact, what I learned from Tony Robbins is that every single second, you are making 3 decisions that determine where your life ends up. We are all making these decisions on a subconscious level. If you take these to a conscious level, the game changes forever.

The first decision you’re making is what to focus on. Are you focusing on the problem or the solution? Are you focusing on why it sucks or why it could be great? Are you focusing on the pain or the gift? Do you focus on the struggle or gratitude? That’s the first decision you’re making.

The second decision on a second to second basis that you’re making is deciding what something means. Life is made up of events and the meaning you give to each event. For example, if a man opens up the door for a woman and she’s really excited, why? Is it because he opened the door? Or was it her interpretation of what that gesture means? It was the meaning she gave it. Because he could’ve opened the door and she could be pissed, thinking, “I can get it myself, you pig. I don’t need you.” The event doesn’t change. Her meaning changes. So you can elevate this to the challenges you’re facing in your life.

If your business is failing, do you make it mean that someone like you just can’t be successful? Or do you make it mean that you’re learning wonderful skills and getting feedback so you can create a successful business. The event doesn’t change. But both of those meanings have a completely different course of action that flows from it. And there are countless meanings. Life changes the second that you put intentionality behind the meaning of everything. Change the meaning of what you’re facing, and you change your life.

And the third decision you’re making on a second to second basis is what action you’re going to take. If your focus goes to how this sucks for you and the meaning goes to “someone like me can’t be successful,” what type of action will flow from it? Lots or little? Little. Courageous or weak? Weak.

But if the focus goes to, “this is great I’m learning so much,” and the meaning goes to, “this problem is such a beautiful gift, and I’m learning so much,” what type of action will flow from it? Lots or little? Lots. Courageous or weak? Courageous.

So how you answer those 3 questions on a second to second basis determine where your entire life ends up. We do it subconsciously either way. But if you make it conscious and put intentionality behind it, life changes very quickly.

In fact, if someone has more success than you in any area of your life, it just means that they’re making these decisions differently than you! So all you have to do to succeed the same way is to role model them! Ask them about their beliefs. See what they do. Watch their optimism. Notice their focus. And then role model them, and you’ll have the same results.

That’s why my life changed. I started role modeling people that had what I wanted. I stopped accepting constructive criticism from people that didn’t have what I wanted. I started only listening to people who have done what I want to achieve. And that includes people close to me!

You wouldn’t accept financial advice from your broke parents, right?
You wouldn’t accept business advice from someone working in the corporate world, would you?

But lots of times, you get criticism from those people. Here’s my advice: Don’t accept constructive criticism from someone that’s never constructed anything.

It doesn’t make sense.

So if you role model those that have what you want, you can have success very quickly!

In fact, you’ll learn from these successful people that they used to make decisions very similar to you! If someone’s more successful, it probably means they’ve learned more, which means they’ve just failed more.

Success is a result of good judgment. Good judgment is a result of experience. And experience is a result of bad judgment.

So how long will it take you to be successful? As long as you want it to take you. If you role model these people that have what you want and you make decisions similar to them, then you’ll have what you want.

And if you are making similar decisions and nothing is still happening, it’s because you need to resolve your inner conflicts. You need to let go of resentment. You need to reverse your limiting beliefs. You need to learn how to be happy first before success will ever come to you.

That’s what I teach you in Appreciation Academy! Again, if that program is a good fit for you, you can find it at appreciationacademy.com and use the promo code PODCAST (in all caps) for a 50% discount!

But either way, please understand that nothing in your life is a denial. Nothing. It’s not that you have it worse off than others. It’s not that you’re not destined for success. It just means you need to make decisions a little bit differently! That’s it.

You can achieve anything you want to achieve. But it all stems from your decisions.

Change your focus. Change the meaning. Change your action.

Role model those that have what you want. Not the people that have no clue how to achieve what you want.

Your decisions shape your entire future. So make smart ones. Use this stuff, my friend. This inspiration means nothing unless you decide to use it! So use it!

So today, your action step is to pick one thing that you need to decide and make that decision today. What’s a single decision that you know you need to make?

Where does your focus need to go?
What meaning do you need to give it?
What action do you need to take?

It’s a real decision if action stems from it.

Thank you so much for tuning into The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack. Make sure you screenshot this and share it on your IG stories! Share it with your friends. Share it with your team! Their lives can change from this content!

Thank you so much for being here and tuning in! Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. Because you can!

I’ll see you next week!

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