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The Single Greatest Force That Almost Guarantees Success

Jan 23, 2023

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  • Understanding the difference between friends and peers
  • Analyzing the 5 Levels of Peer Groups
  • The power of investing in yourself
  • Ditching complaint-fests
  • Why you need to go beyond what’s comfortable
  • Do you view success as one dimensional?
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Today we’re talking about the single greatest force that determines if you’ll be successful… or pull you back to mediocrity to fit the status quo. But before we dive into today’s content, I have to address the elephant in the room.

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Now let’s jump back into today’s content! The greatest external force that pulls or pushes you from success is also the force most people don’t take seriously or make up excuses for why they can’t change it: Your peer group.  

Over the course of a decade, I’ve discovered 5 levels of peer groups. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn the difference between each level and how they may be hurting or helping your success, how to identify what level you are at, and how you can level up. Today’s lesson is so important to take in because your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. (Write that last sentence down.)

If the expectation of your peer group is survival, guess what? You’ll survive—and nothing more. 

But what about the peer groups where the expectation is that you thrive? You achieve beyond your dreams again and again. 

So how do you get in the room with the latter? The first step is to understand the difference between a friend and peer. The next; analyze and see which level of peer group you’re playing at right now. The last; take action on the knowledge.


Step 1: Understanding the difference between a friend and a peer

A peer is someone whose opinion you value so highly, you change your standards based on their behavior so as not to lose their love. They hold you accountable, challenge you, and uplift you. They move you in the direction of your goals and dreams.  

A friend is someone that supports you. There’s nothing wrong with support… but if you’re going after big goals and dreams you need more than just support. 

An easy example to demonstrate this difference: When you face a challenge that leaves you feeling stuck, a friend will say, “Oh, I’m sorry.” A peer will say, “What are you going to do about it?” 


Step 2: Peer group analysis

There are 5 levels of peer groups. Groups 1-3 will keep you stuck in mediocrity, while levels 4-5 will explode you to magnetic success. Let’s jump right in!


Level 1 Peer Group

You are surrounded by mostly family and kids, plus a few auxiliary people you’re not very close to. You’re mostly isolated, and this leads to questions like, “How would I even find a peer group playing at a higher level?” 

Level 1 is a dangerous place to be because its line of questioning leads to a rationalization that your current peer group is the reason you can’t have another one. You rationalize being a mother or father prevents you from being around the successful people who could help lift you up to what you deserve. And, inevitably, being in Level 1 you always feel pulled back to everything you’ve ever known.


Level 2 Peer Group

You have some success or accountability partners and are part of a couple of masterminds, but they don’t live up to your expectations. Instead of being solution-focused, every meeting is a complaint-fest of what’s not working. It drains you. 

An important note to remember; when you’re around people that need accountability, it’s a sign that you are surrounded by people that haven’t identified their purpose. Someone really going after their big dream doesn’t need accountability. They are accountable to themselves because they’re responsible for their own life, and surround themselves with people who hold themselves to a higher standard to explode their own success. 


Level 3 Peer Group

You’ve taken responsibility, are going after your goals, taking action and moving forward, and saying yes to opportunities.

This is a good place to be in, but not a great place. 

You’re in peer groups, but you’re consistently the mentor and uplifting others. When you need the same support, it always falls flat. You’re not called to act or challenged in the way that will pull you to a higher standard of success. 

Before going onto levels 4 and 5, let’s quickly address a common doubt people have about leveling up their peer group: Why would someone want to be around me if I haven’t had their level of success? This doubt comes from a one-dimensional view of success. 

Someone can find value in being in proximity to you because they can see value in the life you’ve created for yourself outside your business merits (i.e., how you raise your kids, the strength and resiliency of your relationships, etc.)

Again, the question comes up: how do you find these successful people to surround yourself with? You pay for it.

Anytime I’ve leveled up my own peer group, it’s because I’ve invested in getting in the room where successful people are before I could afford it. The impact has been life changing. In one instance, I invested thousands of dollars in a live event and I met one person who I had one conversation with that has generated 1.8M dollars in sales for me in less than a year. 

This is exactly the reason why I put together Rewired Live. So that you can build relationships with peers playing at a higher level and advance to the next level of your success and beyond


Level 4 Peer Group

You feel excited and passionate and are surrounded by people that have the success you want! They challenge you and constantly remind you that your message is too important not to share with the world. 

The standard of excellence is success, and you rise to it. 


Level 5 Peer Group

You invest in a peer group that is far beyond what’s comfortable. It’s the kind of investment I spoke of above that delivered me 1.8M in sales in less than a year. 

Imagine having a peer who is worth 250M that you can text with a business question and have an answer in 10 seconds. That’s YEARS cut off of trial and error, and exactly why you can’t afford not to go to these events and invest in yourself. 


Step 3: Take action

The strongest external force in relation to success is the expectations of the people you surround yourself with. No matter where you’re at, you need to get in the room with people playing at a level far beyond what you’ve played at before. It can shrink decades into days and make you more successful than you have ever been.

I hope this lesson served you today and showed you the importance of being around people playing ball at a higher level than you. Our clients have been asking for the last five years to create a space and event where they can upgrade their peer group, and it’s finally here. 

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