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You’ve been trained for chaos!

Apr 15, 2020

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  • You’ve been trained for chaos
  • How you think when you are down determines how long it will take you to get back up
  • It’s never a lack of resources that determines your life’s future; it’s a lack of resourcefulness
  • The benefits of doubling-down on your growth
  • Chaos is when the best opportunities of all time show up for people—it’s up to you if you’re going to take advantage of it
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Mindset training was easy when life was easy, wasn't it?

Now is the time when leaders are made.

I am telling you right now…if you don't continue to learn and grow and use your mindset training right now, you will be left in the dust when this challenge passes (and it WILL pass). 

Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want! 

You need to know…you have been trained for chaos. 

The way you think when you’re down determines how long it'll be until you get back up!

We have a significant challenge here and I want you to think about all the work you did over the last 12 years (when it was easy).

How did you grow?

What did you study?

What courses did you take?

What seminars did you attend?

What coaching did you get?

I want you to think about all of that learning and think about when the shit just hit the fan…what did you do with all that knowledge you’ve gained? When shit hit the fan, did you apply what you learned, or did you throw it away? Did you forget about everything?

Were you one of the people that said, “You know what, I'm going to apply this when it's convenient and easy, but when things get hard, I'm going to throw it out!”

What did you do?!

No matter how you answer that question, it’s okay! It’s okay, but now we need to shift your focus and make sure that you are on the right track again. There are two things you need to get back on track!

1)  Remember Your Training!

Remember all those books you read!

Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

How to View Hardship

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

How to Weather the Storm

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

All these amazing books you've read!

Think of all the courses that you've taken!

Appreciation Academy


Whatever you’ve taken to move your life forward!

Imagine the seminars that you've attended!

Your company's annual convention?

Is it a Tony Robbins event?

A Brendon Burchard event?

Back when you were at those events, what did you learn?! What did you learn when you were on fire? What did you learn?!

What you learned was how to navigate chaos! You learned the mindset strategies to get you through hardship, but you were applying them at a time when we weren't really facing hardship. Now we are! We're facing true hardship. Are you applying those skills?!

I want you to think back to what were some of the biggest ‘AHA’ moments you've had over the last decade?

Is it that failure is a good thing?

Is it that your past doesn't define you?

Is it that everything painful in your life happens for a reason and there is a gift in it?!

Pause right now…write down the 5 or 10 biggest lessons that you’ve learned over the last decade to move your life forward (to be a happier, more positive, more successful person).

Now ask yourself…Are you applying those skills right now?!

If the answer is ‘No’ (that’s okay), but you need to remember you've been trained for this! You already have everything it takes to make it through this difficult time. You can navigate a pandemic; you can handle any challenge in your team and your business and your banking account, everything!

 2)  Double Down on Your Growth

Have you ever noticed that when life gets hard, it's very, very easy to throw away the very thing that will help us the most (because we're living in fear)! When we live in fear…

We fear money is going to disappear.

We fear that we're not going to be okay.

We have these survival-based feelings in our mind. When we feel fear and we push away all the things that will help us, and we adopt a survival mindset.  That mindset (while it might serve you in an actual survival-based situation) will not serve you during this time. Think about what's actually going to help you get through this time.

It's a new perspective! It's a new way of thinking! It's a more elevated, empowering way of thinking!!

That’s why you need to DOUBLE your personal growth right now! Most people, they will stop it all together because they're afraid. BUT we have dealt with extreme uncertainty before. We've made it through those situations every single time! We have made it through uncertainty and panic and fear before (and we will do it again now!)

There's just going to be a very big separation in terms of who wins and who loses right now. If you want to be one of the few that wins during this time, don't forget your training!  Apply the lessons you’ve learned and KEEP LEARNING!!

Reach out to your coach!

Invest in more courses!

Learn new skills!

When other people are dominated by fear, you can be getting stronger, more skilled, and better!

This is your time!

This is when leaders are born.

Chaos is the best opportunity to show up for people (your people!)

You have a choice, friend.  Are you going to apply the lessons you’ve learned OR are you going to panic and live in fear and retreat?!

If you’re looking to GROW and continue learning, I have a promotion going on NOW for anyone that is interested in furthering their growth, mastering their mindset, making sure they choose the positive emotions and being that cruise ship during this time. If you’re interested, I'm offering 75% off my Appreciation Academy course in the month of April!


This course will help you rise up as a leader during this time of chaos (when the world needs someone like you the MOST!)

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