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Ultimate Presence - Entrepreneurial Parenthood Series Part 1 of 3

Apr 18, 2022

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  • Learn to be the best entrepreneurial parent you can be!
  • Why your relationship with your kids is a privilege, not a right
  • What are you sacrificing to succeed?
  • Are you building your life around your business?
  • The true impact of lacking presence 
  • How to release your guilt and thrive
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  • If you’re an entrepreneurial parent, then this 3-part series will show you how to succeed with your family and business
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The relationship you have with your kids is not a right, it's a privilege 

A big challenge as an entrepreneurial parent is how to navigate growing a successful business, while also unplugging with family and being an amazing parent & spouse.

Do you find yourself feeling double guilt?

You find yourself feeling guilty while working that you're not spending more time with your family, but then when you are with your family, you feeling guilty that you're not working...

For most entrepreneurs, their business is like a child to them. However, if you treat your business as a child and you have other children in the home, what would happen if you gave one child (your business) 99% of your attention and whatever was left over to your other kids? How would those other kids feel?

Living like this will end up hurting your kids, your marriage, your family overall.

If you think you have to sacrifice more (more time with your family) in order to be successful, then you're not going to want to succeed.

I found myself previously struggling with this. Always feeling the need to be "ON" and not really being mentally present with my family when I was physically in the room with them.

I was building my business around my life instead of building my life around my business.

I had to ask myself "What am I getting from always having to be ON and work always being at the top of my mind?"

It was giving me the feeling of significance.

It made me feel important because I was striving for what I wanted most and I was also trying to show my wife and daughter that I was enough. 

Deep down I just wanted to feel appreciated and valued.

Once I realized I was craving significance, I asked myself how I could meet that need in other ways... 

There are more empowering ways to meet those same needs.

If you can't find ways to detach from work you will start to feel overwhelmed all the time, make mistakes, constantly feel behind, and those feelings will come across in the content you create. People don't you, they buy the feelings that you give them and if you're creating from a place of overwhelm and feeling behind, they aren't going to want to have anything to do with it. 

You will end up missing the most important years of your life.


If you are constantly telling your kids that they have to wait because you have to do XYZ for work, what they hear is that work is more important. That may not have a huge impact right away, but compounded over time what could that do to their psyche? Thinking other things, like your work, are more important than them...

When your spouse and kids end up feeling like your work is more important than them, what it builds up is resentment.

What ends up happening is because of how you feel that you need to be ON and working all the time, when your kids or spouse make a request for love, it feels like an attack on your character.

You take it to mean that they don't see everything you're doing.

So you may say something you don't mean or regret and it ends up causing a deeper downward spiral...

Is all of the money in the world worth it if your kids don't want to come home when they're older? No!

By creating your life around your business you become less one dimensional so you are more creative and your business will ultimately thrive and grow.

Imagine building a life where you never  miss a memory.

* CLOSE YOUR EYES & Ask your self this:
If today were the last day I was alive, what would I truly care about? *


There are a couple of techniques I use in order to separate myself from who I have to show up as during my business work and who I need to be when I walk into the room with my family.

One of the things I try to do at the beginning of each day is set an intention for the day and then at the end of every day, I do what's called a release meditation. I learned this from Brenden Burchard and I literally just say "Release, release, release..." repeatedly until I feel a sense of peace. 

I also have a whiteboard on the door to my office that reminds me to set and intention for the man I want to be when I enter the room with my wife and daughter.

I'm not perfect, but I have gotten really good at being intentional about these habits.

I want to encourage you to learn from my mistakes before you have to have a personal experience with this yourself. 

This is Part One of a 3 part series and it focused on how you are in the moment. Next week we are going to talk about certain standards society has for us as parents and how to hone in on certain gifts our children may have that aren't traditionally seen as gifts.

In a couple weeks, we have a special opportunity coming up that will transform your family and increase your income simultaneously.

It will change the presence you have with your family, your kids, and allow you to let go of that guilt we talked about earlier so that you can make more money in your business.

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