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Why Personal Development Doesn't Work

Sep 19, 2022

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    • Why personal development isn’t the key to success
    • Acknowledging your mental blind spots
    • The toxic lens of mediocrity
    • Personal development paralysis
    • The importance of supplementation
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You can’t use personal development as a way to escape developing personally.

When you’re just starting a business or your career, you may hear that your success is a direct reflection of your depth or personal growth and I agree with that.

But simply consuming content isn’t going to change your life.

You can read book after book after book about personal growth but that won’t change anything.

Personal growth isn’t about reading, it’s about rewiring your mind like successful people.

Studying more won’t help you if you’re reading these books through the lens of mediocrity.

There’s a great filter in life.

We have these limiting beliefs that are blind spots for us and they cause our minds to be wired for mediocrity.

So you can be doing everything right on paper and putting in the work but if your mind hasn’t been rewired, it will always just fall flat.

And when you have the same result over and over, you’ll develop personal development paralysis.

You consume so many books and so much content and you think the answer has to be somewhere in all of that but as you’re looking for the answers you get overwhelmed by all the different concepts and then, next thing you know, you’re not applying anything to your life and you just feel like you need a break.

It creates all this uncertainty, decreases your confidence, and you never actually gain the education you need.

You have to gain your personal development education through action.

You have to think of these personal development books as being a supplement.

They’re still useful, but they can’t be the only thing you rely on for your success.

You need to take action.

If you look at people who are successful in terms of not just money but also how they live, how they feel, how they think, their emotions, and their quality of life, you’ll see that they don't have to try to live out these personal development concepts.

It's just part of them.

It's who they are.

If you find that you have to force yourself to be positive to reframe things, force yourself to go from scarcity to abundance, force yourself to see challenges as an opportunity, force yourself to be motivated or inspired, chances are it's actually because your mind is wired for mediocrity.

That's not your fault.

You were conditioned to be that way for years and years by the school systems and your parents, they reinforced these limiting beliefs with this idea that you have to be perfect and earn an A or else you’re a failure.

We need to rewire that and shift the subconscious beliefs going on. 

You have to take a leap of faith and choose not to listen to your default settings.

If you don’t break through those default settings, that lens of mediocrity, then you’ll end up feeling stuck.

You have to rewire your mind for success.

In a couple of weeks, I am releasing a five-day program that will show you how I found my limiting beliefs, how I identified my scarcity mindset and my fears about marriage and love, and all these parts of my life that were stuck. In five days, I will take you through a process that took me nine years to learn and you’ll go through the process of rewiring your mind.

It’s a completely free five-day mindset challenge called The Success Accelerator.

It's the same process that I use to create six and seven-figure success.

You’re going to discover how high performers achieve their goals so much faster than all their peers with so much less stress and without adding more to your plate.

You need to start this process of taking a look at what is the lens that you’re looking at life through and is that lens actually serving the life that you want.

What we'll do during this program is we'll take out that lens and give you a new lens to look through.

Registration is not open yet but we do have a waitlist for you to join to get notified when the program becomes available.


Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?



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