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Feb 22, 2021

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  • The lowest standard of living and the highest
  • Reframing our identity
  • Action-based result equation
  • The “gold medal” standard of standards
  • How to get outstanding rewards
  • Why failing is the only way to win
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Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy. I help people to elevate their relationships, career, and mindset to the next level.


Perfectionism plagued me for a very long time when I first started my business. Some days, I would be super productive and hustle to check off my to-do list. Other days I wouldn't get things done, and I would feel low and unmotivated, putting off the things I needed to do and eventually falling into The Perfection-guilt Loop. I would rewatch re-runs of TV programs, eat nachos at 11 am and down bottles of wine, feeling like the goals I had set myself were impossible. 

Then one day, I was listening to Tony Robbins talking about perfection and it changed everything:

"Perfectionism is the lowest standard we can have for ourselves.
If you are a perfectionist you need to raise your standards."

Why does Tony hate? Because it's impossible to meet.

  • Best case scenario = If you succeed as a perfectionist, you don't feel like you are enough.
  • Worst case scenario = You feel guilty because you are unable to start something that will fall below "perfect" standards.

When you label yourself as a perfectionist, it becomes part of your identity and, "there is no stronger force in the human personality than staying consistent with who you already think you are." So how do we change?

Let's take a look at the different standards in life that you can show up as and the results we can get from them...

  • Poor
    This might seem like a strange place to start as nobody is striving to do a poor job, but I wanted to highlight to you that doing a poor job is better than striving for perfection. Perfection can stop you from taking any action. Doing a poor job and making mistakes can teach you a lot. It shows you how not to do things and helps you to forge your path and improve your skillset.
  • Good
    Whilst it is great to graduate to here from poor, we should not settle. In a world of the internet and google, when you do a good job, you tend to get poor results. This is due to the enormous amount of competition and resources at our fingers tips. 
  • Excellent When we do an excellent job, we see great results, whilst still allowing room to learn from mistakes and better ourselves each day.
  • Oustanding or "Stand Out"
    When we do an outstanding job, we see outstanding results, but guess what? we still allow room to learn from mistakes and better ourselves each day.

I challenge you to raise your standard from Perfection to Oustanding, allowing yourself to be a beginner again at times and to find the gifts in mistakes. The problem with perfectionism is there isn't room for mistakes, which means you don't learn or grow. To be outstanding, however, you have to fail, because results come from experience, experience usually comes from a result of bad judgment in the past and learning from it.




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