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Proximity Is Power

Mar 11, 2020

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  • “Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group” – Tony Robbins
  • Proximity is power
  • If you’re surrounded by people who expect you to succeed, you’ll find a way
  • If your life were run by a board of directors, who is sitting at the table?
  • There’s a VERY big difference between a friend and a peer. You must know the difference.
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  • If you find that you don’t have anyone incredibly inspiring and successful in your inner circle, this is an absolute MUST watch!


The reason you play small is because of the people you surround yourself with.

Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group and it's time for a real analysis here because until you consistently and consciously surround yourself with people that are playing ball at an incredibly high level, it won't matter how many personal development books you read or what courses you take, you'll just be stuck.  It will feel like your situation is so hard when really…it’s actually easy (you’re just making it so much harder than it needs to be!)

With that, welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want!


When I was starting off on this journey, I wanted my life to change. I was in this place where I was in a dark mental fog. I was drinking four nights a week. I was partying with all these people at my corporate job who are also simultaneously using alcohol or food to get through the day.  It was a group of people that when we talked, we were just complaining about work or our bosses or how we didn’t make enough money. We would all party, have a good time and wake-up the next day and do it all again.

I would ask myself if these people were really the people that were going to get my life to the next level because honestly, those weren't people that were actually challenging me. They were people that were fun to complain with. So, I slowly started alienating myself from those people and they started to look at me like I was crazy. They would judge me…they would make fun of me. But if I look at where my life is now and the people that I surround myself with and it's flooded with people that are playing ball at such a high level!

It's been critically important for my success that I alienated those people because when the people you surround yourself with expect you to succeed, you'll find a way. You might be saying, “Well what if the people that I surround myself with are my family?! My spouse, my siblings, my in-laws…they are the negative ones.  I can’t get away from them!”

Well, you’re right!  But there's something super critical to understand here.  You should “Love your family and pick your peer group.”

A peer is someone who you're willing to change your behaviors to gain approval from them. So, if your spouse is negative or your family is negative, that's okay! This is where you need to be an example for them. Don’t separate from them, instead love them! BUT you PICK your peer group!

You might be saying…

“Well, I can't afford to get into a room with those people!”

First of all, YES you can! You're going to be able to see why and how in this episode. You might also wonder why these amazing/brilliant people would pay attention to someone like you. And it's simply because of the value you add to them.

Here are 3 tips to get you around amazing people

 (and it’s going to make your life TAKE OFF!)



Part One: Take a look… What are the qualities of someone that you want in your life?  People that will be an example for you. I call this your Board of Directors.

Who do you want on your board?  Someone outgoing? Grateful? Playful? Driven? Someone that believes in other people?  List off their qualities!

Part Two: Who are the people you actually spend time with? Who do you give your time to?

Make a list of the 5 people you actually spend time with. (Some of you are going to find that you just spend time with your family- bad idea! You need time for you to grow.)

Now, look at the qualities you want in your Board Members…do they match with the qualities of the people you spend the most time with?!  Next, break them into 3 categories…

  1. A)    Cut off the time you spend with them- these are the toxic, negative, draining people. 
  2. B)    Limit your time with them- Set boundaries with these people!
  3. C)    Gain time with these people-These are the people that are playing ball at a high level!

You might go through your list of 5 and realize you need to spend less time with X and more time with Y AND…if there's no one on that list that you need to gain time with, then chances are you don't have the life that you want.


If you are not around amazing people, you will not find the ideas, the creativity, the push, the drive to get to where you want to be.



Peer-Someone you’re willing to change who you are to gain their approval. It's someone that challenges you and levels you up.

Friend- Someone who supports you and loves you through the tough times, but maybe wants something different out of life.

Family Member- Well, this one is obvious.  This person is related to you!

Note: Your spouse might not be on your Board of Directors. That's okay! This means you're not willing to budge who you are to gain their approval. You believe in what you're doing and the mission!



How do you get around these types of people? Go to where they’re going to be! (hint: they probably aren’t going to be just hanging out in your hometown!)

How do you get them to want to spend time with you? You add value to their life!

You ask, “How can I serve you?! How can I help you?! How can I make your life better?! Can I hop on the phone and talk it through with you?! What can I do to make your life better?!”

If you ever want these people to stick around, add value to their life!


You might be saying… “I can’t afford to go to an event or mastermind!”

And I say to that… “You CAN’T afford not to!”


The reason you’re not spending the money is because you’re afraid.  You’re afraid if you spend the money, it won’t come back. That’s a scarcity mindset!  

If you were to get around those people and they give you the idea, the drive, the motivation, the skills, the power, all that stuff to get to that multiple six figure business range, that would be worth your minimal couple thousand dollars investment!


Get yourself to an event! Pick a conference or mastermind and GO! Get to these events where people are changing their lives and you'll meet amazing people.

You've got to learn how to master this and if that's something you're struggling with right now, I encourage you to register for my *NEW* free mindset training called The Unstuck Formula.

I’m giving you my 5-step framework for serious entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of self-sabotaging their success and are ready to claim the six-figure business they truly deserve!

Thank you so much for tuning into the Path to Mindset Mastery today! My name is Brad Bizjack!

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