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Appreciating the Adventure

An Appreciation Academy Blog by Brad Bizjack

Stop waiting for a better relationship, bigger pay check, or business growth to fulfill you. You have everything you need for true happiness right now. Break through everything holding you back by appreciating the life you already have. 

The Antidote To Fear And Anger (How To Solve Any Problem In < 3 Mins)

Dec 05, 2018

Today is special because I’ll give you one of the exercises that changed my entire life.

  • I used this to forgive people that hurt me.
  • I used this to give me direction in my career.
  • I used this to get unstuck in my network marketing business.

Do you have a problem you’re facing in your life that you can’t seem to solve? If you do, GOOD!

All the credit to Tony Robbins here.

The exercise we’re gonna do is something I learned from him. I don’t take credit for it. But it’s so powerful that if you really use it, it’ll make a profound impact on your life. So a HUGE thank you to Tony Robbins for teaching me this and giving me the ability to pay it forward to you.


I used to think this was a crock of shit for the longest time!

You might know it as genuine gratitude.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to feel pain when you’re deeply grateful. Because in your life, you’re going to experience pain. Pain in life is guaranteed....

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Burnout Prevention: 4 Ways To Stay Passionate When You Keep Failing

Nov 29, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

The Biggest Mistake Is Thinking Your Goals Cause Happiness

Business and success don’t cause happiness. HAPPINESS creates success. Loving your life now, as it presently IS, is how you become successful. 

You know the words, “fake it til you make it?” They're bullshit.

There’s a fine line between acting like a successful person and pretending you have success when you don’t.

When I started my online business, I WANTED the success and freedom. I put up Facebook posts about living a life by design when in reality, I was almost 6 figures in student debt. It was a load of BS. And these days, people can smell BS a mile away. So if I could go back and give myself advice, it'd be:

“Be successful until you make it.”

What does that mean? Successful people don’t exaggerate. They share their vision for what they want to create and they’re honest about where they’re at now (struggles and...

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How To Love The Holidays When Your Family Always Ruins Them

Nov 21, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

I can totally relate to stressful families in so many ways. I DREADED the holidays most of my life.

Does this sound familiar?

Every time I would come home, it would cause stress and anxiety, and it would emotionally DRAIN me. Janiece and I even had a little joke called, “Operation Make Brad Love Christmas Again,” because I genuinely hated it.

Every year since I was a kid, it’s just STRESS. It’s just ANXIETY. There’s so much blame, anger, and resentment. There’s money stress. When one person isn’t around, someone else talks shit about that person.

It’s endless narcissism. There’s an unrealistically high expectation, and when I don’t meet those expectations, I’m made out to feel like I’m not worthy of love.

Last year, one of my family members completely avoided me the entire time I was home for Christmas, and I remember being in the car with Janiece crying about why that person...

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The Secret To INSTANT Confidence (It's Not What You Think!)

Nov 14, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

The secret to confidence is WAY simpler than you think.

I was at a Tony Robbins "Unleash The Power Within" conference this past weekend, and I walked across a 2,000-degree bed of coals. I didn’t feel a thing. And I’m willing to guess you’re probably going, “HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?”

Now obviously there’s a strategy, but in that situation, what would stop most people? FEAR.

What’s the opposite of fear? Confidence.

Confidence can be called like a dog. And if you do it enough times, it’s like exercising a muscle… it’s not something you have to think about. It’s just something that happens.

So Tony Robbins explains something called, “STATE.”

STATE is the source of ALL emotion. STATE is how you go through life. If you’re in a depressed state, will you walk across a fire? No. Will you ask that person out? No. If you’re worried, will you do those things? No. So state is...

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Hurt People Hurt People! Navigating Pain Caused By Loved Ones

Nov 06, 2018

Hurt people... hurt people.

Have you ever been deeply hurt by someone extremely close to you? I have... multiple times. I know what it's like to crave love from someone and never feel like anything I do is enough. It feels like their love is conditional upon me living up to their unrealistic expectations/ always at their beck and call. They have no idea about what's going on in your life because they're too focused on all the things wrong with theirs.

It's toxic.
It's draining.
It hurts.

And then you feel guilty for distancing yourself, right? You feel like you're a terrible person for protecting your energy. And then you start getting the phone calls... the text messages:

- I expected more out of you.
- You're a disappointment.
- Keep trying to live your perfect life.
- One day this will come back to haunt you.

This type of thing used to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF ME. Because I faced it ALL THE TIME.

It would drain me for days. And when I faced it, it came off in everything I did. I...

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7 Keys To Stay Positive Through The Fall Season

Oct 31, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

Imagine how incredible these last couple months of the year could be if you didn't fall into a funk.

Imagine if the weather didn't affect your mood. 

I’ve heard 3 people today ALONE complain about the weather. Kinda makes me sad because that feeling of hopelessness can be avoided. It really can. And I'm about to teach you how! 

People ask me all the time, "DUDE how are you so damn happy all the time?" It didn’t start this way. My version of seasonal affective disorder was WEEKLY AFFECTIVE disorder. I’d find myself on the couch having BAD days like 4 days a week. I hit a point where I realized that I had to train my mind to be happy.

Something you might not know yet is that:

HAPPINESS is a learnable skill. 

There’s a methodology to it. In fact, that’s my career. I literally teach people how to be happy.

So at this time of year, how can YOU bust through those limiting feelings when it seems like everyone else...

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Spouse Doesn't Support Your Dreams? Here's What To Do!

Oct 26, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

Have you ever felt like going after your dreams gets INSTANT resistance from your spouse? This blog post will help you communicate in a MUCH better way and teach you how to successfully navigate the waters of "My spouse doesn't support my business."

This post is in 2 parts.

Part 1 is for the business owner.

Part 2 is for the spouse of the business owner.

Goal: Help you to get on the same team and build your business TOGETHER, with love.


The slightest feeling of your spouse questioning you feels like the world's going to end. They say, "Wait... Do we really have the money to do that? Have we really thought it through?" And you immediately get defensive!

But think about this: If your best friend or mentor asked the same question, would you respond in the same way? Absolutely not.

Realize he/she absolutely loves you. They merely want to protect you from pain.

EXAMPLE: With our business, the price point of my flagship course "...

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Stop Trying To Be Perfect!

Oct 17, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

Perfectionism (something everyone faces in some way) gets in the way of your life without even realizing it! This is how I broke through it!

Your incredibly high standards will become a fault.

Last year, I made a commitment to my health and fitness. I said, "I'm gonna follow this 21-day nutrition program 100%!" A week later, I ordered a pizza (HA!). Insert perfectionism: I felt SO guilty about eating 1,400 calories that I immediately went to the gym and ran it all off. I was SO sore the next day and couldn't even move. So then I felt guilty for not working out.

Have you ever felt that vicious cycle of perfection to guilt to perfection to guilt? I've felt that way SO many times!

Have you ever made a to-do list and even on the rare days where you complete everything on the list, you STILL don't feel fulfilled?! You feel like there's "gotta" be something more that you forgot. So you get anxious.

If you make a sale, you wonder why it wasn't two.

If you make...

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Stop Seeking Validation And Believe That You're Enough

Oct 11, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom)

So where does validation start? My opinion? Childhood.

I grew up craving love and never really feeling like I was enough for someone in my life. I felt like everything I did was either judged or rejected. That person's love was conditional on me acting a certain way.

It changed the way I lived my ENTIRE life (romantic relationships, friendships, views of success, money, you name it).

Love/ Time = Self-Worth.

As a kid, if you don't feel love over a long period of time, you don't feel like you have much self-worth. I felt like I didn't really matter. I needed validation and acceptance to feel like I was enough. I hated criticism from others. Fear of it made me change everything about myself.

It led me to be extremely outgoing, and I started basing my worth on the response I got in social interactions. I thought that if I became friends with successful people, I finally mattered. If I had 5000 Facebook friends, I finally mattered. So this outgoing personality...

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How To Get Out Of Your Rut When You're Feeling Stuck - Part 2

Oct 04, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom/ Video combines Part 1 AND Part 2) 

Did you check out PART 1 of this blog post yet? It’s INCREDIBLY helpful! If you haven’t, you can find it here: How To Get Out Of Your Rut When You're Feeling Stuck - Part 1

It’s time to do some self-honesty checks! Part 1 is by far and above the most important piece of getting out of your rut. However, there are a few MAJOR influences that play a huge role in how your life turns out.

Self-Honesty Check 1: Who do you spend time with?

Have you heard the cliché, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with?” It’s a cliché because it’s REAL.

Example: If your group of friends gossips about the boss or other people, you’ll slowly turn into that person. If you’re around negative people that are drinking all the time instead of focusing on their personal growth, you’ll become that person.

I know this because I did it. I was in a job...

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