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Appreciating the Adventure

An Appreciation Academy Blog by Brad Bizjack

Stop waiting for a better relationship, bigger pay check, or business growth to fulfill you. You have everything you need for true happiness right now. Break through everything holding you back by appreciating the life you already have. 

How To Stop Dwelling On Your Past

Sep 24, 2018
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Let's start by stating something you ABSOLUTELY need to know:

Biography is NOT destiny.

What does that mean? It means your past does NOT determine your future!

Money was always tight when I was younger. There was always a screaming match about the bank account over-drafting or the credit card bill. When I was about 10, I remember a particularly bad fight. They yelled swear words back and forth, and I said, "why do you guys always have to fight about stupid money?!" Immediately, mom snapped and told me to shut the f*** up and go to my room. And right then, I saw my dad react in a way I've never seen before. It was as close to a physical altercation without ACTUALLY getting physical.

I remember thinking that money caused this. And that memory was engrained in my mind the rest of my life. So for the majority of my adult life, I hated money. Whenever it came up, it seemed like someone was about to get punched in the face (even though that never...

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How To Fix Your Toxic Relationship

Sep 18, 2018

With this girl, life is so easy.

If your relationship is strained, this is DEFINITELY worth the read.

Ever heard, "Relationships take unbelievably hard work?" I heard it this weekend and thought, "wow I totally disagree." Intentionality and effort? Yes. Stressful, hard work? Hell no.

If you're always fighting, is your relationship broken? Idk. But I do know that if you both love each other, it's preventable. 

My Relationship Part 1 (TOXIC) 

Lemme tell you an unsolicited story that could help you if you're having a hard time.

You might not know that Janiece and I fought almost every day for our first year and a half. I'm talking STUPID shit.

"I need to see your Facebook messages right now." "You looked at that girl." "You danced with that guy." "You didn't text me when you said you would." "I need reassurance." "Not enough attention." "I guess I just don't trust you."

Jealousy - Fear of loss - Pride - Past hurts creeping back.

It was...

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Here's What's Actually Stopping You From Leaving Your Mediocre Job

Sep 14, 2018

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It's time you hear a secret that I've kept from everyone but my wife.


A little story for you: The second I started in the corporate world in 2011, I instantly knew it wasn't the right fit. Do you ever walk into your office and ask yourself, "why am I settling for this?" or "Why am I here again?" The bureaucracy drives you nuts. Everything is an inefficient use of time. Red tape stops you from getting anything done. You feel insignificant. You feel like your opinion doesn't matter.


(Important note: This is NOT a dig on corporate America. My previous company operates this way. Some companies are GREAT, and people love what they do. I didn't.)


Something more. That's all I wanted. Do you ever feel that? You know the pull in your heart to contribute more, give more, BECOME more? I wanted that SO badly.


At the time, I figured the problem with my lack of fulfillment was my company. So I changed jobs. My boss and...

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Your Cure For Dream Crushing Negativity

Aug 24, 2018
The second you set a goal, something holds you back, right?

Overwhelm, anxiety, fear, depression, and worry will stop you in your tracks from going after your biggest dreams. Sound familiar?



There's one solution that takes those negative emotions and turns them into power. 

I'm not claiming this solves problems in your business. I'm not claiming more money will appear in your bank account from doing this.


But it WILL:

  • put you in the correct state of mind to solve your problem
  • make you more resourceful
  • turn your default emotions into happiness, excitement, motivation, and empowerment

All it takes is 2 minutes. 

I call this the secret ingredient. You might know it as genuine gratitude. 

Not gratitude where you "count your blessings" and say you're glad you have a roof over your head. I mean REAL gratitude where you feel the emotion of it.

I practice this daily. And my life has never been the same since. I started a new business....

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4 Tips For Financial Peace

Jul 10, 2018
So, my wife and I have a goal to be student loan debt free by age 30! (We're 29)
So, let's have a straight up REAL talk about money & student loans. Money used to cause me so much pain. Have you ever felt an ongoing tension in your life because of it? Maybe:
  • your parents used to fight about it every day
  • you never seem to catch a break
  • every paycheck seems to disappear
  • too much month at the end of the money
I could go on and on, but I can relate to ALL of those things. Until about 3 years ago, that was my life. I spent money like an idiot. I didn't save anything. I thought student loan debt was just something I'd have forever. I had horrible limiting beliefs about money.
Revamping my mindset about money (and student loans) took a LOT of work. 
It wasn't easy. 
But holy crap, it's changed everything. We have a goal of becoming debt free (92K in total) by next summer. 
Here are 3 tips...
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3 Safeguards To Protect You From Negative People

Jul 06, 2018

Just received a "woe is me" text from someone in my family. Ever get those?

It made me think of the safeguards I've put up over the years to protect my mind and keep me positive. Is it cool if I share with you? 

1.) Limit your exposure

I have people in my life that I love deeply, but I HAVE TO limit my exposure. They just DRAIN me with all their constant focus on "what's wrong" or "listen to my problems." 

You can still LOVE negative people in your life, but be selective in how you spend your time. You should NEVER feel guilty for making yourself happier. Just know that you can still LOVE your family, but you should PICK your peer group. 

2.) Ask new people "How's your day going?"

This is my INSTANT telltale sign if someone's worth getting to know better. If they say, "I'm doing great!" (or something positive) they'll likely BRING energy into your life. 

But if they always say, "Oh I'm okay..." or "eh, I'm been better," they're likely going...

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Turn Stress Into Smiles With This 1 Tip!

Jun 12, 2018
Right after the launch of, my wife and I decided to move homes. Before we did, I heard 5 different people say "omg moving is so stressful." 

I LOVE surprising my wife, so I decided that while she was in Chicago visiting friends, I'd move the entire place for us with my dad’s help.

How the hell does this have to do with stress? 

Here's how you turn any "stressful" situation in your life into something great. 

(Not just great, but one of the best experiences of your life)

It’s really simple. Any challenging task SUCKS when we’re focused on what it means for only ourselves. I could've focused on how much of a pain in the ass it was to box up everything, clean the old place, unbox everything, and set it all up before she got home. 

The second I take the focus and put it on ME, it becomes annoying, it makes me anxious, and I dread it.

Instead, I focused on: 

Moving means that I get to...

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How Tony Robbins Removes Negative Self-Talk In 2 Minutes

May 16, 2018
Tony Robbins is one of my all-time heroes and he taught me one of the most important skills of my entire life: How to eliminate negative self-talk.  
Negative voices, self-doubt, that devil on your shoulder, whatever you want to call it... it's something that we ALL struggle with. It's impossible to banish it from your life, but it IS possible to stop it dead in its tracks when you notice it! 
This video will show you how to do it!
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3 Qualities That Guarantee a Horrible Life. Guilty? [Motivational Post]

Apr 30, 2018
This is a quick reminder of who you are NOT.
You're not part of the 98% of the world that blames others for their problems.
You're not someone willing to go through life settling for less than you can be.
You're not someone who's willing to wake up at 40, wondering where the time went. 
There are 3 things that people who live an unfulfilled life have in common.
They regularly:  
1.) quit. 
2.) procrastinate
3.) lack follow through
You are meant for greatness. You're meant for so much more than mediocrity! 
Imagine life if you: 
  • Create freedom to travel the world. 
  • Find or create the career you love. 
  • Leave a lasting impact on society. 
  • Build the bank account you deserve. 
  • Feel happy and fulfilled every single day. 
  • Find your purpose and discover who you are
Your first step is to avoid those 3 qualities and adopt the mindset of some of the most successful people on the...
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5 Keys to Making Your Relationship Last Forever

Mar 23, 2018
Is your spouse not acting "up to par" with your expectations of them? 
You feel this need to mold them into your idea of what they should be, right? 

You voice your concerns about the things they're doing wrong to "help them" and make them "better" and it turns into "just another fight"...
You don’t get how they don't understand your needs. Or you bottle shit up until it explodes out of ya. Or you always disagree on non-important topics? 
YOU might be causing most of the fighting without realizing it. 

Janiece (my wife) and I fought for the first 2 years of our relationship. Then we broke up. We've been back together for almost 8 years... And the last 8 years, we haven’t had one single fight. 

I’m not some relationship expert, but I do have a really friggin amazing relationship. So, what changed? 
5 Keys to Making Your Relationship Last

Instead of finding...
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